2D Animation

All Creative Designs are Most Advanced Technologes.

Capture the attention of your audience within a second with high impact explainer videos. At Prabhu Studio, we offer 2D animation services to make your advertising video highly engaging and entertaining. Let us enhance your marketing message by adding unique animations, sound effects, music or voice overs and create an explainer video that your audience will surely love!

Great 2D animated explainer videos can communicate fast to the audience and can be very entertaining. It can also be an effective tool to easily retain your message in the mind of your audience. We can produce custom 2D animated videos based on your brands’ story and values. Let our 2D animators create your vision into an animated masterpiece using advance software technologies – Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro.

As a 2D animation company, Prabhu Studio stretches the possibilities of marketing beyond traditional execution as we provide 2D animation services from “script to screen” to make your advertising message more modern and compelling.